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"Name That Player"

We finally got everyone's name.  Thanks to all who helped.

NCHS Class of 1953 in 1949, Newton Grade School Basketball Team

1st Row, Left to Right  #10 is Roger Ives, 1st Trophy is Charles "Chuck" Duckworth, Holding the Basketball is Don Smith, 2nd Trophy is Don Maxey and #8 is Kent Dalton

2nd Row, Left to Right..H.E. Wright, Principal,  #3 is Maurice Brooks, #9 is Eugene Strole, #4 is Sid Page, #6 is Bill Pippin, Coach Harrison Brown, #5 is Louis Mayer, Coach Norm Vanblaricum

Click on the link below and send me the name of any or all of these players. Identify them just as they are identified above.  Younger Alumni, ask your parents.  Recognition will be given to all who participate.

Click Here>>>>

Mary Short Trotter, Class of '53, identified #10..Roger Ives, #8..Kent Dalton, #3..Maurice Brooks, #9..Eugene Strole and #6..Bill Pippin. They were all in the class of `53. Thanks Mary

Hazel Orrell, Class of '53 identified # 4 as Sid Page and the basketball is Don Smith. 2nd Trophy is Don Maxey.   Thanks Hazel.

Vic Ward with the help of his lovely wife Sandra identified Coach Harrison ..?.. and  Coach Norm VanBlaricum.  Thank you.

Maurice Brooks, Class of '53, #3 in the 2nd row, identified #5 as Louis Mayer, Coach Harrison Brown (we didn't have the last name) and holding the 1st trophy is Charles "Chuck" Duckworth.  Thank you Maurice.

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