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A Special Thanks to all who have or will contribute to this site in one way or another. Your ideas, pictures, links, etc. have made it more enjoyable for ALL visitors and EVERYBODY appreciates it.

Larry Dwyer  '61--Website Developer

Kenny McCall  '56--Pictures, Ideas, Inspiration, Exposure, 2005 Newton Eagles football team pictures, 2006 NCHS Track State Champions.   Check out Kenny's '56 and '57 websites. Links are on the NCHS Roster under "GO to Class of", click on "Website" under the Class of 1956 and/or 1957. 

John Menke  '60--Pictures & data, Class of '60

Judy (Martin) Menke  '61--Pictures & data, Class of '61

Kenny Mitchell  '59--Pictures, Roster & Reunion info

Isabelle (Bower) Newlin  '59--Pictures

Darlene (Dwyer) Donston  '57--Tribute & Tidbits

Ralph Portlock  '56--Pictures around Newton

Dave Kelley--Tribute to Vets, Happiness

Angela DiBlasi--Tribute to Vets, Memoriam

Mary Jones--Tribute to Vets

Alan Huff  '73--'57 Flooding Pictures

Karen (Whitehurst) Fink  '59--Proof reading & Spell Check

Cheryl Dwyer--Tidbits

Mary (Short) Trotter, '53--"Name That Player" (5),  School photos from 1953 yearbook,  1984 NCHS Marching Eagles (Rose Bowl +)

Hazel (McComas) Orrell, '53--"Name That Player" (4)

Mary Cailey Smith, '67--Bill Cailey Story

Vic Ward, '57 & Sandra Wakefield Ward, '61 identified the two Coaches in "Name That Player".

Mark Spencer, '61-- Old Mill Inn photos

Darlene Russell--Something to Think About

Maurice Brooks, '53--Name That Player--identified two players and Coach Brown's last name.  Maurice is one of the players.

Tom & Toni White--Christmas Blessings

Freddie Pryor, '65--West Liberty Grade School Pictures

Alan Huff, '73--Embarass River flood pictures.

Terry & Bonnie Daniel, '60--Changing History

Kyle Pittman--2006 NCHS Track and Field Team Photos

Tony Kaufmann, '61--1956-1957 St. Marie 8th Grade Class & Class of 1933

Ben & Jean Lesser--When Life Was in Black & White

John Barker, '58--Country of Choice???, A Silent Night Movie

Dale Bower, '62--Veterans' Memorial

John Dappert '61 and Theresa Zuber '82,-- Penny Postcards

Dee Greever Dougherty, '61--Class of 1961 in 1951, Newton Grade School 3rd Grade 

Kay Zimmerman Burnell, '60--Class of 1959 & 1960 taken in 1949 & 1955 at Bogota Grade School

John Connor, '62--Profiling

Rhonda Swisher--Willow Hill Grade School pictures.

Diana Dallmier, '72--1919 NCHS Students

Beverly Ochs, '72--For anyone who has or had parents they love

Lauretta Zarvian, a friend-- Merle Haggard couldn't have said it any better.

Susan Loomis--Antartica