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My late brother, Bill Cailey, enjoyed telling the following story about Study Hall.
Bill had a great sense of humor and one time while sitting in Mr. Emory Gifford's study hall, Bill decided to play with the "Giff"
Bill leaned back in his seat and stared at the ceiling.  Mr. Gifford noticed right away that Bill was not "studying" in Study Hall, so in his special 'patrol the aisle" way, Mr. Gifford walked back the aisle to where Bill was seated. 
Mr. Gifford asked, "So, Bill, what is so interesting up on the ceiling?"
To which, Bill replied, "See that fly up there?"
Mr. Gifford then leisurely looked up at the ceiling, and back down at Bill and said, "Yep."
Bill asked, "So, how does he stay up there upside down?"
Mr. Gifford looks up at the fly again, back down at Bill and pronounces: "Stickum on his feet.  Get back to your books."
Mr. G. then walked back to his desk.  Bill never forgot the lesson.
Best regards,  Mary Cailey Smith (Class of 67)

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