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The Year Was 1935.

The graduating classes represented are 1935, 1936, 1937 & 1938










The pages contained within this link are all from the 1935 NU-KOM-I Yearbook.   Everything from 1935 will be found here.  1935 was the 100 year anniversary of the incorporation of the City of Newton.  I believe that 1935 was the first year the brand new buses shown in this picture were put into service so that the kids who lived in the country would have transportation to school.  The 1935 yearbook was dedicated to the Centennial celebration.

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Yearbook Dedication

1935 Board of Education & Faculty

Freshman Class in 1935

Sophomore Class in 1935

Junior Class in 1935

Senior Class of 1935

The Coming of the Lighted Football Field

Football team, Cheer Leaders & Basketball Team

Band, Chorus and Violin Class

Debate Team & Nukomi News Staff in 1935

Early Building in Jasper County

Jasper County Facts-Page 1

Jasper County Facts-Page 2

Jasper County War Heroes

1935 Merchants/Advertisers Supporting NCHS

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